Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sem break

It is fine and I can spend much time with my loved ones.

091209 ;; Happy Birthday to my beloved father

Happy birthday to you!Happy birthday to you!Happy birthday to you dad!May God bless you always!May all your wishes come true!I love you so much with all my heart.You are such as the best dad in the whole world,you are the good man,the best dad and also the nice person to all the people.Thanks for being someone that I can call 'Father'.May joy and happiness will always with you and the rest of the family members.I wish to make you happy and live peacefully and happily.You have done many things for me and now is my turn to make you proud with me.Thanks for always inspire me to do the best in my life and I get all the inspiration from you dad!I will never forget this date every year and today is 091209 and its your birthday daddy!Love you dad :)Muachhhh!Last word, Happy Birthday again my beloved dad!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Babe, you are charming

When I looked at your photo, I think that you are a charming guy.I wish to meet you after this and I ever meet you two times before but I never notice you.A friend of mine told me about your name and a few things about you then I realized owh that you!I'm sure you are such as an amazing guy,smart,handsome and have a charismatic value.I wish to talk with you soon and the last time I swa you is when you wore black t-shirt same with your roommate but by that time I never know about you.


It has been one week for my sem break.On the first day I came back home, I felt that my life become very boring and I miss my room,campus & friends.I miss the time to go to the class, leparking at food court especially for lunch with Raihan and hang out with them.I don't know what will happen for another next four weeks.I have watched 2012 with my friends at SP but now I think that life is boring without a new hobby.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I believe when I went everything here in Blogger, it'll make me feel better.
Updates about my life.I just finished my second paper a few hours ago.Almost four hours.I hope that everything will be going on well.I came back to my room and while otw to my room, suddenly my heart think bout my baby Alice Katherine Airish at my room.Suddenly I miss her.I called my mum and I told her that I have try my best and my mum said just pray for your luck.I told her that I miss my dearest Alice and she laughed to me.Alice is the only friend that I have in my room.Alice already accompanied me for about two months today.Thx for everything my lil honey.I'll update the new post after this about what I feel very deeply in my heart.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Miss my home

When I come back to campus, I'll think everything especially related to my home.I miss my home.If I'm at home, I can wake up at what time I want because I don't need to wake up early then wash my clothing,buy foods for breakfast and so on.But if Im in campus, I can eat very easily because at home sometimes there's no food being serve because mum is going to work at an early morning.After mum come back from work, we'll hang out together to everywhere that we want.This is actually I recall back my memory.Butttttt in a few coming weeks, I'll be at home for semester break.Yahooooooo!!!I can spend much time with my beloved family.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eid Mubarak 2009

Now is the 28th Ramadhan and we will need to 'puasa' about two or three days again.Well, actually I'm going to miss Ramadhan because Ramadhan will be leaving us and Syawal will come.I'm impatient to celebrate Syawal will my beloved family and this year I'll celebrate Syawal as a ''mahasiswi''.I'm so excited and happy.Happy Eid Mubarak 2009!!!